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My add-on of choice: TotemTimers!

My Enhancement Shaman, Shoxxie, is now 77, nearly 78 – and I have to say that the most useful add-on for me – by far – is TotemTimers.  Yes, I know Blizzard gave us a nifty new Totem Bar – But like so many of Blizzard’s add-on copies, it is just NOT as full of win as the original.  TotemTimers is so much more than the name implies – it not only looks after the time remaining on your totems – it looks at distance, weapon buffs, shield timers, and most excitingly, it keeps track of enhancement cool-downs! Yay!

Shoxxie visited Darnassus to get these screen shots, so enjoy the scenery.  The toolbars you see in all these shots are TotemTimers.  They are not just pretty pictures, but clickable buttons, fully movable to drag around the screen to where you like them. Let’s look at the distance feature first.

Totem timers red dots

Above, you see Shoxxie at quite some distance from her totems.   Notice that the buttons for those totems have a red dot on them?  She is OUT OF RANGE – that’s why! Nifty huh?  If you are in a party, and someone in your party wanders out of range, you will see a red “1” instead of the red dot (or “2” if you have two stragglers).  Blizzard shows your totem icons under your character’s unit frame, but I find it much handier to have a big red dot in the middle of my screen that shows if I’m out of range, rather than having to move my eyes all over the screen.

The shot also illustrates the timer feature — this is totally customizable.  You can put that clock showing how many minutes are left up, down, around, next to, whatever.

To Shoxxie’s left there are her weapon buff and shield timers.  I like having these in the middle of the screen too.  And no, you’re not drunk or seeing double (well, you might be drunk, I don’t know), there ARE two times under my weapon buff button.  That’s because I choose to have Windfury on my main hand and Flametongue on my off-hand, and the timer shows the clock ticking for both.  There are of course tons of other options – as seen here:

totem timers weapon buffs best

When you hover over the buttons, you’ll see there are lots of other options for your weapon buffs as well.  Take your pick!  I might explain my own selection some other day.

This hover option also works for your individual totems.  I find this incredibly useful.  It beats trying to find that obscure fire totem in your spell book just as you need it.

Totem timers totem options

TotemTimers is especially good because it will warn you when things expire, AND (added bonus for enhancement shammies), it will let you know when your Maelstrom is up! Woot! It flashes the warning up – you guessed it – in the middle of your screen where you don’t have to look around for it!  Demonstrated below here is the warning that my totem is about to expire – in organge writing at the top of your screen – like where a raid warning would go… when my Maelstrom is ready it flashes ‘Maelstrom is ready’.  Makes it super easy to make sure you use that instant Lighting as soon as it’s available.

Totem Timers expiration warning

You can actually choose where you’d prefer the warnings to appear – you can stick them out as a raid warning if you want, keep them to yourself where I have them, or even into your chat log.  Be a total spammer and annoy your friends and enemies by throwing it out in BattleGround chat.  Don’t know WHY you’d want to do that, but who am I to judge.

There are also specific Enhancement Shaman cool down buttons.  They’re brand new, and I haven’t used them yet.  I can very very faintly see them in the images above – looks like Stormstrike and Lava Lash are up there.  I haven’t decided if I’ll use them yet, but they do look VERY VERY handy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go kill stuff.

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