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Totems Totems Totems – Enhancing your Enhancement Shaman

I’ve been struggling for a while to get a set up for the 3 new consolidated totem buttons that Blizzard has given us Shamans. I won’t pretend that my solution is the only option, but I think I have come up with 3 that work really well in most situations for Enhancement Shamans – well at least for me anyway.

Blizzard Totem Bar

In this post I will explain how I use the three consolidated Totem buttons in conjunction with some totems on my action bars and the add-on TotemTimers.  TotemTimers will be covered more extensively in another post, but I thought I would mention that I do find it invaluable, even with Blizzard’s new Totem Bar.

Totem selection varies only very very slightly for me between the three settings.

As a general rule, in all three settings, Your Earth Totem will be Strength of Earth.  This is clearly your best increase in melee dps.  There will be situational times when you will need to swap, but they can be handled on the go.  But for all three ‘normal’ situation, you will want Strength of Earth in this slot.

Your air totem will also stay mostly the same.  As melee dps, you will want Windfury Totem up.  No other air totem will give you more dps.  The only time you would swap it is in somewhere like Halls of Lightning where a Nature Resistance totem can help the healer tremendously.

Your Fire Totem is a very personal decision.  Personally, unless there is crowd control involved, I use the Magma Totem.  The dps output is amazing, especially with points in Elemental Fury and Call of Flame.  I do know some people who like to throw down Flametongue Totem if there are many casters in the group.  I say “Meh – I’ll help myself first”. Selfish? Maybe.  But I kill stuff quickly. Very hard and very fast.  So that means I am fulfilling my function.  I guess this is a personal choice.  I am going to go ahead and recommend Magma Totem though.   If there is Crowd Control? Go with the Flametongue unless you are VERY sure of your totem’s range.

So, the only spot that varies in my 3 preset buttons is the Water Totem.  I find that these are very situational, and therefore I find it worth it to have 3 separate consolidated buttons for it.

1. Whether you are in a 5-man or soloing, if you KNOW there will be poison and/or disease in the encounter, throw down a Cleansing Totem.  This totem is way awesome.  As a healer, I LOVE a Shaman who does this.  If the healer is a Shaman, of course, you need to discuss between the two of you what is preferred.

2. If for some reason you have 3 Paladins with you, one of them will give you Blessing of Wisdom.  It will override Mana Spring, so throw down Healing Stream unless Cleansing Totem is required.

3. Personally, I prefer the Mana Spring in all other situations, whether soloing or in groups.  My reasoning?  I can always heal myself, but running out of mana sucks.  Any Paladin tank or holy priest will be equally grateful.  It also means that you might be able to take some points out of mana generating talents … I’m still experimenting with this.

Now, there ARE times when you will need your other totems.  They’re in the game for a reason of course!

Here’s a section of my action bars that I like to keep handy:

Miscellaneous totems

The healing ones are there in case my Clique and X-Perl decide to freak out. At the top are the different all-in-one totem buttons, and then at the bottom are some miscellaneous totems that I find a need for frequently.  The first one is the Frost Resistance totem.  So useful in Violet Hold when the Blizzard comes from the sky.  Second is Cleansing Totem.  This is for when you didn’t realize poison/disease would be coming up when you slapped down your four.  Great in emergencies.  Next is the AWESOME  Tremor Totem.  Throw down when you know a mob is going to fear fear fear.  And you should familiarize yourself with when fear is coming up; your group will LOVE you for it. The last one on the right is Earthbind … I don’t use it very often, but hate looking all over the place for it if I need it.  I use it when running away from trouble, or when the tank loses control of a group and they start running away so AOE dps can’t group them up.  I’m contemplating putting my elemental totems here too.  More experimenting needed though.

The add-on Totem Timers is still a huge part of my interface, but it requires a second post.

As a final disclaimer: I am not yet raiding on Shoxxie, so this is based on soloing and 5-man conditions.  Also, I am not big on mathematical models.  I try a bunch of stuff out and see what works.  This works for me.  I’m not suggesting it’s THE way to go by any means.  I am a firm believer in individual customization.  But if you’re looking for a starting point, I don’t think you can go wrong with the above suggestions.

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