Vain? Me? — a look at Vanity Flying Mounts


So, you don’t wanna look like everyone else flying around?

Gryphons look lame to you?  Personally, if I think I would be somewhat satisfied if there was a black swift gryphon, but I haven’t found one yet.

Well, I’m sorry — but a Bronze Drake or a Red Drake kinda looks lame too …  Not because they’re designed badly, but because a lot of people have them.

If you can’t get one of the uber rare protodrakes that prove you have no life, however, there a still a couple of options to keep you feeling stylish.

There are the two profession mounts – the flying carpet and the helicopter.  Both are über stylish, but since they are only accessible to the select group of people who chose those professions, I think I’ll leave them out here (after I show you this shot of Snazzie after she first got hers!)

Magnificent flying carpet

The two mounts that are accessible to everyone over 70, still very very stylish, and require some work and dedication to get are a Nether Ray and a Nether Drake.

I recently went through the process with Trixxyne, and I have to say that the experience was nowhere NEAR as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  A couple of things to keep in mind if you decide to do this:

  • It WILL require daily trips to Shadowmoon Valley and Nagrand.
  • You DO need to have the Artisan flying skill (epic flying) in order to get started.
  • The daily quest chain starts by talking to Mordenai at the Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon – the first quest he gives you is Kindness.
  • Getting the quest giver that flies high up in the sky circling Shadowmoon Valley can be frustrating.  Don’t give up – he IS there … he just has a very large circling pattern.  I tended to fly up too high to actually see him.   You only have to fly about as high as the young drakes or slightly higher to see him.
  • There is an excellent guide to all the quests in the chain on Wowhead, in the comments section here.

If you follow the quest chain as set out here and do all your dailies every day, it really shouldn’t take too long.  This is especially true because there are not usually many people out on the ledge doing the dailies these days.  My son laments that when HE did the rep grind (back in the day) it was nearly impossible to find Netherwing Eggs because there were sooo many other people out to get them.  I found that I could find between 3 and 6 a day.  That’s a LOT of easy rep when each one gives 250 points!

And eventually, you will look almost as cool as Trixxyne on her Nether Drake!


The other option, of course is to get Sha’tari Skyguard rep and get yourself a Nether Ray!! Woot woot!  Since I’ve never done this before, and my husband’s hunter looks incredibly cool on his, I decided that I am going to get Shoxxie one.  There are two awesome advantages to choosing the Ray over the Drake, especially if you are not yet well into the 70’s.   You can start this chain WITHOUT the Artisan flying skill, AND you can get experience every day for doing the dailies if you start when you hit 70!  Wooot!  Add that to the fact that you get rep for each mob you kill, and I reckon you could spend a few hours there killing bird people if you felt like it.

Shoxxie is now 73, and has started the dailies, although I am only at friendly with the Skyguard at the moment.  From what I understand, you can get a flight point to Ogri’La when you hit honored — that should make it go more quickly! I am once again following a Wowhead guide, found here.  I will of course let you know when I get the mount!

8 thoughts on “Vain? Me? — a look at Vanity Flying Mounts

  1. Supposedly you can grind Sha’tar Skyguard rep from Friendly to Exalted in just 8 hours, but the person who did it was an 80 ret paladin.

    I managed to do it in about two weeks as a mage at 80.

    Netherwing has gone MUCH quicker, I’m 1/4 of the way through exalted now after just a week.

    1. Thanks! It would require 8 hours to sit there and do it though, wouldn’t it 🙂 It’s good to know it’s not going to take me forever though.

  2. I enjoyed grinding Netherwing rep. More than I thought I would. And now I’m thinking of doing it again on my hunter.

    And, I agree, the eggs really make a difference.

    1. I dunno why people say it’s such a bad grind, I’ve been enjoying the netherwing quests, a lot more then I did skyguard. There’s a lot of variety in the different quests and a pretty good story over the course of the entire grind. I watched someone hit exalted last night and the appearance of Illidan was pretty slick.

  3. One of these days I’m gonna head back there and get both of those reps up. For now, though, I’ll just settle for my boring bronze drake.

    I have the epic ROFLcopter, but the noise and belching smoke really gets annoying after a while.

  4. Oh, I remember grinding these up back in the BC days, I’ve heard its a lot easier to do these days 😉 The skyguard and the netherwing mounts are a definite if you want to get your 50 and 100 mount achievement. I would also get the mod “mountiful” which is better than a random mount macro, its a big surprise everytime you mount up. Lotsafun there.

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