Enchancement Goodness

Spirit wolves 3

Shoxxie hit 60 over the weekend, and with that momentous occasion, she got her fabulous twin Spirit Wolves.  This top tier talent in the Enhancement tree are my new fearless companions.  Now, once every three minutes, Shoxxie becomes INVINCIBLE.  Haven’t found an elite I couldn’t solo with them yet, although I have to admit I haven’t tried the Overlord yet.

When I first got them I was a little confused though.  I don’t know if they feel very ‘enhancement’ like.  Something about getting two ridiculously vicious doggies is what I picture as an Enhancement Shaman talent.   I was sort of expecting some sort of nifty mace move or a big burst of lightning or something, but after playing with these two boys for two levels, I am getting to like them more and more.  They’re GREAT for getting through leveling anyway.  I’ll be interested in seeing how they go in a group.

Fluffy and Fido are for pretty cool looking too!

2 thoughts on “Enchancement Goodness

  1. Thrall is the ultimate shaman, our most worshipped idol.
    And Thrall has Spirit Wolves, though they did look a lot more badass in WC3.
    So I always thought it was perfect for us to get them as our top talent.
    Enjoy them and yeah – pop that with Shamanistic Rage and you’re invincible!

    1. You do have a good point about the spirit wolves … although I don’t know if the leader of the Horde can be said to be Shoxxie’s most worshiped idol 🙂

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