Giddy with anticipation!


I really don’t have any new spoilers or new leaks, or anything useful for your to learn – but I do want to share with everyone how positively giddy I am with anticipation for this Expansion of World of Warcaft!  Seriously, it will once again be new and fresh to level!!! For an altaholic like me, it’s like getting a brand new game!  I am thrilled to bits with the cataclysm that will make Azeroth new and fresh again!! Leveling these days feels like leveling in a ghost land ( no pun intended).  It’s wonderful that they are redoing zone levels — Blizzard’s game designers have become so much better at designing the whole quest experience – especially from the standpoint of grouping quests, reducing the need to traverse the world every two quests, and so on.

The new races look fun as Hell, and what I saw of the artwork for the 78-85 leveling zones looks AMAZING.

I am thrilled that we are going back to core abilities, it makes total sense for hunters to use focus not mana, and I cannot WAIT to play a gnome discipline priest.

Anyway – call me Pollyanna or whatever, but I think this rocks.

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