Where We WoW

where I wow I love seeing where people play their WoW, so I thought I’d share where we WoW in my family.  We are a family of four, and we have four accounts.  When we bought our new house in February of 2008, I knew that we are, and will always be, a family of gamers.  I did NOT, however, want that to mean that we sat in our own separate rooms and never communicated with each other except through vent or in-game whispers.  So, I devised a cunning plan.  The house had to have a living area that could accommodate two wow players as well as our television.   That way if one of us was watching TV and the other gaming, we could still communicate and feel like we’re hanging out together.   The house we found is open plan, so it’s the same when I’m cooking.  I don’t feel isolated from the rest of the family.

So, this is what we came up with: My WoW space is this desk in the traditional ‘formal dining room’ area.  People probably think we’re weird, but I don’t care.   Hubbie sits at the little ‘kitchen desk’ where you’re supposed to pay bills or whatever.  He insists he’s comfortable there, so who am I to question it?  Besides, he had the big nice desk while we were in Australia, so I don’t mind taking my turn!

Where hubbie wows

Son #1 plays in his room.  He’s nearly 13, so he wants his privacy.  He especially wants to be able to shut his annoying younger brother out, so he gets to play in his own room.

Where son no 1 wows

Son #2 is nearly 11, and, as you can see, can’t sit still even when playing WoW – his setup is on the landing right up the stairs from where I sit, so that he can yell down to me every time he gets an exciting drop, or does something else incredibly exciting.  Yesterday it was getting to Northrend for the very first time.  Which was pretty sweet.

Where no 2 son wows

So, where do YOU WoW?  Comments and pics welcome!

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  1. I live in a really tiny house, so my PC is right in view of the TV, for when I feel like multi tasking. I also have it set up so I can do stuff on the PC from the couch if I -really- feel like it :-). What can I say, I’m lazy!

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