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So disappointed.

Second Skin Film logo Wow.  I am so disappointed.  For about a year now, I have been hearing about this film.  In case you have been living under a rock, it is a film about virtual realities and virtual gaming.  From the clips I had seen leading up to its completion, I was really impressed with what seemed like a quality documentary.

Today, I watched it.   In one way, it lived up to my expectations.  It’s a really well filmed movie.  The mood and format is excellent.  It feels professional and flows really well.  There is no commentary or voice over, just the voices of the gamers themselves.

What is so terribly disappointing is the slant of the film.  Nearly all the gamers and the stories in the film are negative.  Suicides, foreclosures, loss of real life friendships and jobs … the usual games are evil and addictive sort of slant.  There are millions of gamers out there, and we are not all dysfunctional.  Many of us, myself included, have happy families, well adjusted social lives, great relationships, and hold a good job without any difficulty.  There were NO examples of a well-adjusted gamer with a relatively normal existence.

This was disappointing.  The millions of us do not deserve to be painted over with one and the same brush.

One thought on “So disappointed.

  1. *sigh*…yes, so true. I remember a very particular sad part of the film where that one gamer who always wears the hoodie is standing outside of his house by himself. He was commenting on how everyone else around him was moving on with their life and he was still standing still.. and it made the whole thing sound so sad and pathetic.

    ..then his friend said something about their previous lifestyle …”I’ve out-leveled this content”…. so typical ex-gamer mentality. I guess it really does depend on how you approach your lifestyle in the meta…. are you just gaming or are you really a gamer.

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